Using interactions only (with other builders)

Right now I use Oxygen and I’m finding it much faster to use that to create pages vs Pinegrow (at least in its current form),

Is there any way to still use Oxygen, and pull in the pages to create interactions, then export the JS code to use the interactions with Oxygen still?

Hi @DeanPhillips, intersting question welcome to the forum.

Interactions uses a method of piling all the needed animation data into an “data-pg-ia- (etc)” attribute. That data is then used by the PGIA library file “pgia.js” for execution. So its not very transferable per say. So I don’t think it would be easy regarding a simple clean round trip back and forth between the two.

Theoretically if you can get the raw source out Oxygen, you could then import that into Pinegrow and use interactions. Then use Pinegrow Theme Convertor to get to Wordpress but not sure about back into Oxygen cleanly? But this or a similar approach seems counter productive even if you could concerning workflow.

Doesn’t OxygenBuilder have quite a bit of animation, interactivity, scroll features available within it already? Or why not just use GSAP directly within Oxygen? There was an older tutorial called “animate the header with TweenMax” a few years back which should give you a basic overview. It should still be similar concerning using GSAP 3 in OxygenBuilder regarding using scripts. GreenSock has many wonderful resources to get your started.

But I would say leverage what features are already found within OxygenBuilder (or available plugins) if you prefer it more for creation and workflow. Good luck with your efforts.