Variable Fonts Usage

Variable Fonts have been around for a few years and are apparently supported by all the browsers. Google Fonts has been adding new Variable Fonts with increasing frequency. Seems that nearly half their fonts are now offered as Variable. I’ve got two questions about their use, before I dive into using them.

  1. General question: Are they really working well? Based on Pinegrow User’s experience, do Variable Fonts present or create any problems? (Like not working in certain browsers, or anything like that.)

  2. And a Pinegrow question: How would one use them in Pinegrow? Except for Regular Weight (400) and Bold Weight (700), (and their accompanying Italic versions), I don’t see any way to use the other weights that are built into Variable Fonts. For instance, I’d like to use the Light Weight (300). Does one just code them manually? Am I missing a “Variable Font” option that can be turned on somewhere?