Version 3 Feature Request: Save individual Workspace

Unfortunately, in version 3 it happens sometimes that - for no apparent reason - the workspace is reset. I try to reproduce that on occasion times.
In general, it would be very useful if you could save individual workspaces under its own name, in order to retrieve them quickly.

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Hi @fishmi what operating system are you using?

Windows 10, Version 1511, 64bit

As I said, I would try to reproduce the bug on occasion. Currently I have no desire to rearrange the workspace every time.

I have found even more minor bugs and issues. Should I post them here? Or do you have a public bug tracking system?

@fishmi you can report-bugs channel in Pinegrow Slack probably the best place to post them.

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And here is how to join the #slack community:

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Thanks, i will report it there

Is there a chance that individual workspaces can also be saved? That would be very helpful.

I agree. Workspace is very easily messed up.

I am using Windows 10 Pro 1703 build 15063.632 and do not experience this or at least I never noticed it if I have.

I am using the latest edition of Pinegrow 3.1.

Can you give more information on what you are experiencing so I can watch out for it here and see if I get the samething?

Iā€™m not saying it is a bug, but a feature request. I use 2 and sometimes 3 monitors and to best get the workspace to fit 2 monitors takes quite a bit of fiddling. It would be nice to then save that workspace.

I am using 3.11 on mac sierra and doing the same with 3 monitors - is fiddly for sure but the workspace is saved. If I shut down and reopen the workspace covers the same area and pallet positions once I open a project and file.

Yes of course the workspace is saved between closing and restarting the program. The request is to be able to save your workspace as a custom option on the dropdown menu where you have a choice of 2 columns, 3 columns etc.
Sony Vegas and WS-FTP are two programs that have this capability. Very useful to switch workspaces according to what you are doing at the time.

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@paulmarshall - Your post is what I was commenting on not the topic and it indicated to me that you were not able to keep the workspace you set up.

I would also like to see a option to save custom workspaces.
Have no problems with the auto saving but i switch from 2 to 3 monitors and it would be nice to just click a button when i want to go from using 3 monitors to 2.

Now i have stretched pinegrow out to use 3 monitors and this works ok but each time i want to use atom or a browser side by side with pinegrow then i have to resize everything to 2 monitors and that could be much easier if i could save workspaces .

since today I use 2 monitors instead of 1, editor left and the rest right screen maximized. If I switch between the browser and then back to PG then the right screen is not maximized anymore, the editor is still maximized. I then need to double click on the right PG screen to re-maximize, a bit awkward.
PG 5.99 Windows 10 Professional, left screen is 4K, right screen is 1920 max

Do not maximize the 2nd screen with all the tabs in it. Resize it to almost 99,99% of the screen by using the screen handles then you keep the screen size!