VScode plugin crashes (5.99)

Hi People,

The VScode plugin stopped working (v 0.0.7) with Pinegrow 5.99 when I save in Pinegrow. It will show a message stating “extension host stopped working” as soon as I save in Pinegrow.

This will result in a difference in file-version, since I just saved, and must be resolved before pushing to a repository. If you make small changes that’s do-able, but a big one might bite you for a while.

Otherwise the workflow is just wonderfull; going from pinegrow to selecting in VS-code is a real blessing for a visual developer like me, and I hope that this issue will be resolved so it works 2-way once again (from VS-code to Pinegrow saving does work as normal, and a modal is shown in PG).

EDIT: it also stops Browsersync from running when VS-code’s extension host bugs out. Does this have to do with Pinegrow’s internal service running on port 3000, and the editor in 40000 (or vise versa) which is the port that is started for browsersync? The problem seems to have started since using browsersync in PG

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Thank you for your feedback.
Quick test done a few seconds ago, I don’t face the issue.
When I save, I don’t get any error message.
(macOS 10.15.8 / PG 5.99 / VSC 1.52.0 / PG Live sync tagged v0.0.7)

I invite you to contact our technical support as soon as possible: https://pinegrow.com/contact-us/ (following our advices there will be very useful)

Thank you.

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they are experiencing the same localhost mangling that i was referring to regarding 5.99 implementation of browsersync.

i had to manually realign PG with VSC so they are both pointing at the same address… right now

VSC is set to: http://localhost:3000

and PG is set to…

Internal Webserver Hostname: localhost
Internal Webserver ports: 3000

why the different formats and parsing, i don’t know… but when i finally got the words just right it worked.

this was a tedious process that could have been a simple cut and past

I’m working on windows so perhaps my settings are doing this, but I’m pretty confident this has to do with internal routing because after I restart the extension host from VScode, it works as expected again. Yet saving in Pinegrow is not consistent, it will fail.