How to "save as" a WP theme project?

Sounds like a stupid question and maybe it is, but I wonder what is the best practice when you have made a WP theme with PG as a project and then want to “save as” the whole project. That’s not in the menu. First I thought copying all the files into a new folder, but that does not seem to work properly.
Ideas? Thanks in advance,

@Piro sorry I don’t understand what you’re asking, is it that you want to duplicate the project? Or are you trying to save all pages open in Pinegrow related to the project?

Hi @Rob Yes I want to duplicate the project. But if you copy everything to a new folder, there is a lot of stuff relating to the old one. I tried this but couldn’t make it “clean” and unrelated to the original project. I think because of PG keeping track of things related to the original. If you try it you’ll see.
So I doubt that this is best practice. If it is nevertheless, what should we change?

@Piro Here’s what I’ve tired and I haven’t had any problem.

  • Duplicate the project folder (e.g. WPTheme) and rename the folder (e.g. WPTheme2)
  • In Pinegrow open WPTheme2 then open the index.html file
  • Selecting the top level element in the DOM tree, it should display as index.html|Worpdress site
  • Unassign the Wordpress Site Action. Then enter new values to reflect this theme. So change Theme Name, Theme Slug and Theme Folder… then save and export if necessary.
    Go to you wordpress admin and check to see if the theme has exported correctly and that everything is okay.

I’ve tried this method here 4 times and it has worked fine every time. Give it a go and let me know if it works for you.

Thanks @Rob
You are right. I was mislead by what I saw before editing the site action, thinking it was connected with the old project by something else from PG. Hmm … should have tried that before panic. :wink:
Have a good day,

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But then … after working on it, I did find some connections with the old project. :unamused:
That mysterious file pinegrow.json has a lot of mentions of the original project.
I presume this file has to do with the Libraries & Plugin Manager of PG, right? Well there I disconnected that old project.
And BTW I never understood why the project itself is always switched on in the Libraries & Plugin Manager.
Still much to learn … :dizzy_face:

You are not alone I’m never sure why either!