Web Designers Humble Bundle

Just thought I’d try to beat @schpengle to the punch on this one. Ha.

…Damn you @Farscaper


I now have some more books to try and read.
now might be a good time though!
as my left leg has gone a bit wrong and is now all swollen up and Ive not been able to walk for 4 days.

I have have just found this lovely, useful and terribly polite site!
I mean,

Please may I have some code?
how nice is that?
here you go.


I just made this.

Rather than study myself I shall henceforth rely on your
gleanings. I shall even fund higher-priced bundles if I have you
at my beck and call.

So be well, and informed.

  I wonder if Netlify's paywall is activated by a "Please sir, I'd

like some more code."

ahhh… nothing like “peace” on the home-front. :wink:

hmm :thinking:… Design like a designer? indeed!

How do I know that Adams Media knows anything about designing like a designer, unless I’m a designer or know a designer that would recommend them.

And then there’s the wait for the review?

Hope about I find 10 good successful designs and kinda go-with-the-flow?

Good jump on the Schpengle! As far as the recommendation? I’m all Booked. :grin::sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face: