What is the best workflow when using Rails?

Hi guys,

Just bought Pinegrow and trying to get myself acquainted to it more. I am mainly developing with Rails.

What is the most efficient workflow to work with pinegrow and rails side-by-side?

My current workflow:
I’d download webpage, name it index.html (has bootstrap), copy all the assets (JS, Stylesheets, images) into Rails’ assets folder, and modified the asset directories on rails to match it; finally run it on local server. However, that involves moving the asset files from pinegrow project folder to Rails project folder.

Is there a way to use Rails Framework and edit the frontend of Rails project on pinegrow fluidly? How can I do it?

Thanks! Looking forward for what pinegrow has in the future!

For assets maybe you can link the assets to the index.html page (in the Pinegrow project) so you don’t have to move them every time you made change.
But for the HTML files you have to rewrite them into Erb or Haml so you have to copy them anyway.