Pinegrow on workflow


Has anyone sucessfully integrate Pinegrow in a workflow using

I am new to web development and Pinegrow would be a great help in getting me started. I am interested in using, but I can’t see a way to fit Pinegrow into the workflow.

I’ve also been curious about it. Astro and Strapi have been on my radar as things to experiment with, so I’d love to hear from anyone who uses them as to whether Pinegrow might fit into a workflow.

Hey Fabricionu,

can’t really give an answer to your question. I’ve tried Strapo lately but didn’t dive into it that deep.

For me Strapo looked cool in combination with a component-based frontend framework like vue/angular/.(place your prefered framework here), because I could easily define my own components and match them with the API Response. Combining with Server-Side-Rendering it would be a killer-combo, I think!

PG does have some plans to integrate better with that stuff as far as I know (there are some topics about vue/vite in the forum), but it’s not done yet.

I guess you could easily build static sites with those headless CMS’ in Pinegrow… but what I’m aiming for is building a completely dynamic site using their API, and I think that’s a bit out of scope now using Pinegrow.