When will Sublime get supported in Pinegrow?

When will Sublime Text Editor get supported in Pinegrow?

You can already use Pinegrow alongside your favorite IDE / Code Editor:

Atom, Brackets, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, BBedit, Espresso, Textmate, Coda, Komodo Edit, Vim, WebStorm, Emacs, IntelliJ IDEA, UltraEdit, Aptana Studio, Netbeans,
etc., etc., etc.

… as shown and described below in the Pinegrow Documentation.



This would also apply directly to your previous CodeLobster threads. Link 1 / Link 2 , which is Windows only.

If you desire integration for a specific editor such as the current Atom integration. The Source Code for the Atom Plugin is available to use and modify. To help you create your own for your editor of choice.

I would much rather the developers focus their efforts on extending the features within Pinegrow.

But if they would offer support for additional code editors like they have with Atom, I would hope and assume they would only focus on editors that have a substantial market user base and most importantly are actively developed and work across all the platforms that Pinegrow does: Windows / Mac / Linux. Visual Studio Code probably fits this description the best, as the next potential option.

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