Where is my code syntax error?

Is there a way to find out exactly where my code syntax error is? Indicated in the orange alert bar. I tried inspect, but no go.

PG is pretty aggressive at finding code errors, but not so good at helping you track them down.

This is where an external code editor comes in handy. VSC is pretty good at helping you spot errors in both html and css… in my limited experience.

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Let me try it to say it this way:

The code has syntax errors. Changes have not been applied to the page …

means to me:

PG prevented me from doing things wrong.



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I thought I might not have closed a tag, but I saved and reopened. The orange bar was gone.
What is VSC?

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Didn’t see anything about fixing my errors in the VSC intro.
I still have Dreamweaver CS6 which I use mostly to upload my files. But I vaguely remember there were error fixing capability.
Also what about Tailwind Visual Editor