Who else loves PG SVG Icons?

I just wanted to say Thank You to the PG Team for an amazing year of new features! I’m using an older feature a lot: The SVG Icons Library. I often need specific Icons and Pinegrow makes it so easy to find and use them. You can search for license free icons from Bootstrap or Remix.

I found a few things which would make the SVG Library even better:

-Update with new icons: I found some icons on icons.getbootstrap.com which I couldn’t find in PG. Maybe you could update the SVG library?

-search for tags: PG finds icons only by the exact name. The bootstrap location icon can only be found by “geo”, not “location” or “map”. This works on the bootstrap website, there you can also search for tags. I often need to find the icon I’m looking for there to see the exact name which I can search in PG.

-other free icon sources: It would be awesome to have the ability to use icons from more libraries. I have the feeling that bootstrap icons are made for developers so it has a petite selection of e.g. icons of different jobs or craft. Maybe you could use google icons for free or other bigger license free icons sets?

Who else loves to use Pinegrow Icon Libraries?


Check out Icônes. It contains over 200,000 open-source icons.


This is awesome! Thanks a lot. Implementing something like this directly into Pinegrow would be fantastic.

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One I use in ReactJS projects is React Icons.

Icônes is another amazing resource. Thanks @TechAkayy.

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Icones.js is a good resource, however if you want to manage your icon library locally, you can try Nucleo.

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