Will library changes be over written on update?

If I change the coding of the library snippets to replace all those DIV’s with semantic html5 tags will all those changes be over written with the default code when Pinegrow is updated to the next version? How do I save out Library sections and import them later if something goes wrong?

Which one do you miss?



I don’t understand your question. I create semantic markup using schema.org and other microformats as well as using the semantic tags built into html5, you know the section, article, summary, time tags. Div’s have their place but to be the only tag used is not correct html5 markup. Yes it works but the point of html5 is to describe and put context to the content and div’s can’t do that.

Also since I am on that subject if you know anyone that uses the self closing tags like <br /> in html5 tell them to stop because that is XHTML NOT HTML5 markup and is incorrect. That’s a hack that needed to be used for Xhtml because it is such a poor excuse of xml which is what it was trying to be but failed. Html5 it switched the line break back to html 4 the version <br>.

Pet peeve.

I watched a video on Youtube explaining the creation of components and how the custom user library assets can be exported out into JS I guess in same format that the Pinegrow plugins are made with. This would allow to export and import asset sections. I haven’t tried it yet but I understand I think how to do it.

They’re all part of the Lib.

Wrong. In HTML5 both is possible, <br> preferred, though.

XML requires tags to be closed and XHtml was an implementation of XML for web pages so the BR tag needed to be closed but since you are not allowed to have a separate close tag like with SPAN or TR or DIV because BR is a void element the solution was to self close with <BR />.

Html5 is strictly speaking HTML so it does not have that requirement so uses the <BR> without the self closing. You are correct in that either way will work but I am not sure if this is because it is in the specs for html5 or that the browser creators chose to support it either way it is typed, I dunno. I have gotten warnings using validaters when my doctype is html5 and I write the xhtml version of BR. My own preference is that if you are not using XHtml then don’t use the tags or versions made specifically for that, just a pet peeve. You though can write your code however you choose, I know I do.

Many of the library components and snippits I would write differently for my own code, the bootstrap components most are written just using DIV’s for example. Also most of the templates, not all but most the ones I saw are mostly written with DIVs. Though this works there is no semantical context with those tags, I write code different than those who wrote the code in the LIB.

Going back to my OP, if I make changes to these LIB items will an update wipe out my changes?

I understand I can output and save my user defined code but if I forget to or don’t do that and then Pinegrow is updated am I wiped out and have to start from scratch with rewriting my code snipits and the LIB items to my version of the code? If so then that would be a total nightmare.

Certainly. This is just because a framework can’t expect later content. It just can give a structure. So rather re-writing a pre-defined library, I’d preferably set the structure and content and do (according to the content) the semantic later. In PG it is selecting the DIV - hit CMD-H (CTRL-H???) and quick adjust it done.

Adjusting app’s core-elements smell like “overwriting” by the next release. But this is just a vague guess - to be clarified by the developers.



Right. I watched a video on youtube that shows how to save out the user custom lib and make your own I guess components is what it’s called, your own snippets that you can import into their own category. That seems like a better way and then leave the PG default ones alone.

Thanks for the conversation on this topic. Nothing more to say unless the developers can chime in with their input.

checkout my plugin where you can add your own HTML SNIPPETS as you want and can reload them easily in any project you want.


Thank You!