Wish list learning path for the upcoming built-in interactive tutorials

This can be eye candy for those who want to explore and dive deep into Pinegrow. This can help people like me who knows the basics of Web Development and wanting to be a Wordpress Developer.

Intermediate to Advance

Learning Path: Jumpstart your career as a Wordpress Developer with Pinegrow
Prerequisites: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

  • Section 1: Pinegrow UI In-depth Walkthrough
  • Section 2: Project Workflow: From Prototype to Pinegrow (eg. figma/xd to pinegrow)
  • Section 3: Project Workflow: Getting the project responsive using Pinegrow
  • Section 4: Setting-up Local Wordpress & Converting the project to a Wordpress Theme
  • Section 5: Importing your Pinegrow Project to Wordpress
  • Section 6: Introduction to Wordpress Plugin

I suggested this so users like me can directly deep dive the whole learning path and not browse any outdated tutorials and get lost.


I hope you don’t mind if I steal some of these ideas :wink: