WP Pinegrow plugin inquiry updating design in webflow after making a theme

I have been dabbling with working with the Pinegrow WP Plugin. Say, for example, that I wanted to design my website in webflow. Then I want to make my theme with the WP PG plugin. I upload the zip, and wham I have a theme. That’s amazing. But what if I make some changes to my webflow design? Do I upload the zip again? Do I have to redo changes in HTML, like setting my header and footer in PG etc?

Where are the project files located?

Pinegrow writes nearly everything directly to your html files as attributes, with the minor exception of a few (not required) files in your project directory.

What that means for your question, is that making changes in Webflow and overwriting your html files with updated exports will undo all the hard work you just did in Pinegrow.

my solution for the PG application has been to work section by section and then only replace sections in a HTML page.

it’s annoying but it works. thx.