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Wp starter theme with a visual page editor


Anyone sucessfully using a visual page editor with starter theme, I am trying to use Divi builder that I am fairly familar with, it is nearly there however the image module just doesn’t work, and i suspect sliders wil not work as well. Any ideas?

Another quick question, how do I know that I am using the most current version of the starter theme.


I can’t comment on using a visual page editor with Pinegrow but with regards to the current starter theme, open the ‘Manage Libraries and Plug In Manager’ and it’ll tell you which version you’re using.

You can see from the screen shot my theme is using v1.1. The current version is 1.2. Keep an eye out for Pinegrow emails for the updates


Hi Jan,

Have you used a pagebuilder successfully with the Pinegrow Starter template?

I think we should still be able to have pages within a theme produced with Pinegrow Blocks WP that can have at least a ‘main’ section with are editable with any kind of pagebuilder for clients to add more content after the hand over of site to a client.

It has already come up for me 2x.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:



Hi @danchapuk

I haven’t tried a page builder with Pinegrow yet. Although my Facebook is currently being hounded with ‘Divi’ adverts so maybe it’s time to try but, without having done it myself I can’t really comment. Maybe it’s possible to have hide and show using the customiser? Have pre-made divs at the ready and toggle visibility of them within customiser? It is a good idea though so maybe try adding it to the Feature Request section.




Hi Jan,

Thanks for the info, I wasnt aware of the show/hide sections in Customiser, did you code that yourself or included feature?

Yes I think your right, feature request time!




mine didnt have a version number so i guess it was old some how i will try to update it but I cant find any of the details when I purchased it., I have tried divi builder with limited sucess, anything with a slide show or image animations wont show. Beaver builder seems to work but the version I have is quite old and lacks a few features/


There have only been two updates so far.
Please, dont use direct download link to commercial products. (added by earnoud)
You’re probably on v1 if it doesn’t show a version number.
I’ll look into adding a page builder myself soon so will let you know the progress. As you say, people want to add more and a lot of premium themes are packed with features like that.


Yep Im still having trouble with this, I need basic page template that doesnt require customiser, just able to put custom code/text/content. If any one makes progress let me know asap!