You exceeded your current quota


You exceeded your current quota

The so called free account from Open AI only seems to work for a limited time! Because I created 5 images a couple of months ago it doesn’t work anymore. The only way to test this AI feature is to pay them ($ 18,-) and that’s not what I’m going to do.


@AllMediaLab rate limits on free OpenAI accounts are steep. That said, you don’t have to pay $18 for a paid account:

  • You have $18 free credits
  • Once these are used they will start to charge you on per use basis. There are no fixed monthly costs, only pay for as much as you use.

If that is the case I had 20 images created in a very small size for $ 18,- That’s very expensive. And yes you pay what you use, but no one seems to know the real costs. If you use this on a daily basis the costs will be say “only € 1,-” a day that’s around € 375,- a year.

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Looking at your screenshot, you only spent $0.02, the rest of the $18 credit expired (it is only valid for 3 months or so).

Costs should be evaluated from the perspective of how much time the product saves you. Depending on that $1 / day can be expensive or cheap.