Linux version not working - Solved

When i “install” pinegrow as written on the linux info page unfortunately i am unable to run it.
When i double click the Pinegrow.desktop file, Pinegrow appears in my taskbar for a few seconds, then it closes itself.
when i execute the PinegrowLibrary in the Terminal, i get

./PinegrowLibrary: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

is there anything i can do to change this?

(Kubuntu 18)

hi Sariel, I had very similar issue with Pinegrow 4 on Linux Mint and I managed to fix it with the permissions, marked them all as executable. I had different problem when Pinegrow 5 came out, the Pinegrow.desktop didn’t execute even with all permissions granted, so I managed to get it working with dragging the Pinegrow.library on to Terminal and hit enter. this is the only working option for me when using PG 5 and Linux Mint 19.1

let me know if this 2nd option works for you.

hi @zedbuza,
thank you for your reply! unfortunately this doesn’t change anything for me.
so … any other ideas i could try?

is this the first time you use PG on linux? and which PG version? give me more details so I can try to find a solution

@zedbuza yes, it’s the first time. i’ve used it on w10 before.
i have tested it in different locations, in /opt/… as well as my desktop. it’s the version for Linux 64 5.0

hi Sariel, in the Pinegrow downloaded folder, can you check if you have a folder called lib and inside it a file named ?


WOW, i’m amazed how stupid i am!

@zedbuza thanks for the hint. somehow the folder structure was not preserved when the archive got extracted. there was a lib folder and it was empty. all its files were located in the main folder. same with all the other folders.

thank you for your help, everything runs fine now!

glad it worked out, just please mark the title of your original post as SOLVED, it might help other Linux users as well.

best regards and easy coding

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Hi Zedbuza,

Draging the library to the terminal window worked perfectly.

Thank you for this solution.



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This Q&A answers the Pinegrow.desktop issue - you need to edit the path in the file:-