PGMonaco - Monaco Editor for PG

PGMonaco Plugin is an integration of monaco code editor to PG which is the same code editor used in Visual Studio Code.

Available features:

  • emmet for html and css

  • support for html, css, C#, json razor, typescript and javascript enabled

  • Perfect intellisense for all language

  • Click on none html files and auto open on editor

  • Auto update preview

  • go to line - Ctrl + G

  • open editor - F7

  • pop out editor

  • single tab editor for now because of layout bug

  • All basic monaco feature avaliable

  • and more to come.

Coming soon let me know PG users are interested just by liking this post.
Thanks and stay safe.

Multi language support

Language Intelisence

Basic monaco features available

Pop up editor


Hi @ehigiepaul,

Nice work!

It would only make sense for me to use the Monaco editor in Pinegrow if the Terminal is implemented and I could use npm gulp git etc. etc. That way you are able to use a “build system” in Pinegrow. And it is important to be able to install the plugins your self I think.

Normally I use Sublime Text, Terminus and a bunch of plugins and use Pinegrow for the quick design of a website.


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Terminal is still part of the features coming soon
also with a project wide intellisense which will help a find and replace in file on project :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


And what about PHP and includes that are not recognized at the moment by Pinegrow?
In VS code I can open PHP pages with the proper plugins and config!

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Will enable php support today.


Are you able to add support for vuejs? (Vetur - GitHub - vuejs/vetur: Vue tooling for VS Code.)

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That was one of the main plan to support .vue files but alot of work to be done with vue for now, but hope to get it working in the nearest future.

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Looks great! I’ll be interested in the final product.

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Great! Is it not a idea to try to implement the plugin manager?

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Guess php will be listed in the dropdown in the first image above…

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Can you explain the idea well so I could understand the feature

I mean the VS code plugin manager to be able to install plugins by choice! Or your own plugin manager.
And a built in update possibility for Monaco it self.

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I will review the idea but note for now I cant add VScode plugins into monaco till I figure out the process out maybe this idea will be added.

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Looking at Monaco Editor on github, i guess monaco editor integration is a slice of the Vs-code… guessing Paul has a good idea of what this slide provides… it’s still amazing to have it within PG… VS-code plugin manager might not be part of the monaco oss features…


Yes I’m afraid you are right about this:

Never looked in to it, good to know how it works.

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@ehigiepaul, do you have an ETA on when we can expect your plugin release?

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Hopefully between 14 days from now of vals day🤣. I just need to get the terminal working.


Impressive dude… Looks like @RobM might be having some dev head company around the team to bounce ideas off.

Great. good luck.
Anyone contributing anything to PG for the benefit of both themselves and others is just fab.


Terminal is set and ready with php language support :tada::tada::tada::tada: @AllMediaLab @Akayy

Dockable terminal

Integrated terminal