PG Dev Tools is out v1.0.9 Beta🚀

PG Dev Tool Plugin codename PGMonaco, an integration of monaco code editor and terminal to Pinegrow. Monaco Editor is used in Visual Studio Code and many applications.

This was a feature request I created in the forum to help me stop the software jumping in my development process that ended up to be a personal project for me.

During the creation I got to hear a lot of users request and tried to implement them and scale from there.

Available features for now:

  • Integrated Monaco
  • Integrated terminal into PG **
  • emmet for html and css
  • support for html, css, C#, json, razor, php, typescript and javascript enabled (most intellisense are not implemented yet)
  • Perfect intellisense for html and css.
  • Click on none html files and auto open on editor
  • Auto update preview
  • go to line in editor - Ctrl + G
  • open editor - F7
  • open terminal - alt + `
  • pop out editor **
  • Multiple tabs in editor
  • Single tab for terminal
  • All basic monaco editor features available
  • Devtool Menubar Enable you to carry out the functions from it.
  • and more to come.

** indicates know issues and due to the promise of the release on the 14th of February no time to fix


Alt + ` open terminal

F7 open Monaco editor

How to Install

NodeJs must be installed on your system download it from the official site
Then simply download the zip file from github
Extract it anywhere and Open Pinegrow
File > Manage libraries and plugins > load plugin
Navigate to the extracted file and pick the PGDevTools.js
add it and you are set and ready to go.

Installation video

Thanks and stay safe.

You can Support development here to help continue in the development and more tools.



Dev tool menu bar

Integrated Terminal

Html and css Intellisense

Multi Language support

Monaco Editor command palletes

Dockable terminal and editor

What you should expect in the next version.

  • node and popular framework support in javascript and typescript
  • live selection in preview and monaco editor vice versa
  • improved terminal
  • Git integration
  • Easy PG plugin development api (on heavy development)
  • and more.

Enjoy and You can Support development here to help continue in the development and more tools.

Follow me on twitter @ehigiepaul

For any feature and bug related issue, post them at the Github


Well done you.

I shall have to check this out after all your work.
Well done on getting into this mate :slight_smile:

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For anyone trying out Paul’s plugin, take a note of this, the monaco editor is not a replacement of the existing pinegrow code editor, rather it’s an add-on.

To open monaco editor - F7
To open terminal - alt + `

Open your html page, and then hit F7 to open the monaco code editor… I haven’t tried the terminal yet…


Awesome thank you!!
Love the support for C# and razor.

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Hi Paul,
Nice work! Unbelievable that you created this in such a short time period! :clap:t6: :grinning:

Try to make a payment with the flutterwave panel but when I want to pay a blurry panel appears on my screen that I can hardly read. Are you sure it’s OK?

Tried the plugin and can open the editor, but the terminal doesn’t open. Latest Windows 10 and Pinegrow.


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Hi Paul,

Tried the plugin on my iMac, but the editor looks completely black despite the fact that I open a page. The terminal doesn’t open as well. Latest Big Sur and Pinegrow.



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Yes, and pay attention to the additional belated info

** NodeJs must be installed on your system download it from the official site **

As without this… it doesnt work.
I know this… as… I dont have Node installed.

Black Editor, and some errors, Chrome Dev tools pops up and… you may loose. your workspaces, which will reappear once you remove tool.

But, you WILL get to see it :slight_smile: … minus the terminal, but alas it will have no code in it.

To be explored after horses :slight_smile:

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Paul did mention in a private chat when I raised this, that he will update the plugin for Mac, looks like his cross-platform build might have some flaws when used on OSX based systems!

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Yes and he said on Windows as well!

I’m not able to pay with that flutterwave system. I used it when working in Africa, but we changed to PayPal. PayPal is available in Nigeria too by the way!

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NO problem. :slight_smile:
well, maybe a little one.

Still its rather exciting that someone fresh has rolled into town… made a request, decided to do it himself and has been able too!.. I guess… I cant see it yet, but its great!

The whole, plugin ecosystem is there … it …just…isn’t… very busy.
I guess it might need some ease of access or docs, or something, I have NO IDEA… as Im not a plugin dev/that sort of coder, but its fab that someone else is having a go too , 3rd party.

I can probably count on one hand those that Ive seen… and 2 of them are now core PG team :slight_smile:


I can wait… now, with regards Node… I will post a Random Channel question on this,
And , If any testing is required,

I have OS X’s from 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard -the best) -runs PG version 3…possibly 3.95?
To 10.7 (lion-yuk) PG 4 on
10.12 Sierra,
10.13 High Sierra (rather dandy!)
and now
10.14.6 (Mojave)
I MAY do a Catalina 10.15 install too on an SSD and rip this iMac apart or boot externally,
If any of these need testing on.

I know I had to upgrade OS a couple of times to install PG (was gutted) but not sure of the cross overs.

NONE of these have NODE or npm installed,
-and all of the above are separate installs on 2 machines, so rebooting a lot :slight_smile:

there are a couple of low power Linux laptops here too, and an older Ubuntu if any of these would be helpful with regards Testing for @ehigiepaul

now off to make my Node Question.

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Hi Paul,

On Windows opening a PHP page results in a black editor.



I have seen everyone issue and am on it, will just have to call this version Beta. Am really sorry for this.
I felt as it works well on my end, it will seamlessly crossover to all OS platforms.

Status reports:

  • On windows all seem to work fine, will release fix for terminal not running on some systems
  • Nodejs install no terminal.
  • Monaco editor blank screen

For mac user I will have to get a mac to debug and release a different package or I will have to make a script to auto make builds on all system to resolve most of the issues of the terminal and mocaco blank screen.

Am sorry again and am on it still.


If you need testing on Mac you can always contact me!

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Nothing to be sorry about at all :slight_smile:
You’ve made something new and exciting to shake the Pinegrow tree :slight_smile:

Crack on, and keep up the good work.
Will happily break your Betas for you :slight_smile:

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iMac running Big Sur / Node.js Installed and running
Editor Blank
Hope this helps

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Hello everyone,
A beta version for mac and window is available for download.
Please test it out.
Linux coming soon.


Excellent, thanks Paul :smiley:

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Please post your issue on the GitHub issue with your os version, to enable me to kill all related issue all at once. Thanks

Download the latest beta release and place an issue if the terminal don’t work on GitHub

Thanks, still a work in progress. No snippet nor intellisense yet. Will work on it cos am a .net developer.

I hope you enjoy the plug-in.

If you come across any issue, please post it on the github page

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