Add compression & reduce unused JS and CSS

  1. How do I add compression (gzip, deflate or brotli) to my non-WP site?

  2. Did you ever fix the script to reduce CSS?
    I’ve got bootstrap.css & foundation.min.css

3, Also how to reduce js?


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Hi, You can add a brotli compression in the .htaccess file.

Where is the .htaccess file? Is it shown in PG?
I did an .htaccess search on my computer—nothing.

@kat Gzip compression is related to the configuration of the web server and is not handled at all from Pinegrow. (Note: Depending on the hosting provider, this type of configuration is not always accessible to the customers …)

Also, Javascript and CSS minification is not a feature available in Pinegrow.
You will have to use third party tools.

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The .htaccess file is a text file where you can write commands in like redirections, cache-control or compression. It lies on your server (where you store your website files via FTP).

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