Add support for Svelte files and projects

Please support svelte files. They are basically html files as they use the same html, script, and style tags.

Hi @mreynolds,
Do you mean that you want Pinegrow to open files with the .svelte extension as HTML files? Or …?

Yes, thanks!

At a later time in development if it could ignore the code tags such as {#if mobileMenu}…{/if} but for right now the ability to just open the .svelte file would be great.

My understanding is the svelte component (.svelte file) gets built into JavaScript using webpack/rollup or parcel, am I correct? And similar to Vue, the bundle instantiate a empty html template with an div#app?

Or you are asking if svelte files can be loaded directly in a browser like html?

Coz Pinegrow uses chromium underneath, so Im guessing if your file is not recognised by the browser probably Pinegrow wouldn’t render it as well (at least not yet :wink:)…

Pinegrow does have the scss compiler underneath, but Im not aware of other compilers like svelte! I would wait for one of the Pinegrow team members to confirm this!

so its good to have this feature request to capture interest!

Btw, in your settings, you can add .svelte as one of the file types to open, and it should show the uninstantiated template in Pinegrow…

And since unlike Vue, svelte template is not really under a template tag, the styles (if just css) should apply to your template!

Yes you are correct. I did give it a try though and the workflow is not working as I envisioned. I was hoping for a way to reduce copy pasting from Pinegrow to my Svelte app in VS Code.

I think that incorporating a svelte workflow in to create svelte apps directly in Pinegrow would be a big hit!

Sorry, I was busy and @Akayy beat me to it. Yeah, you can change the settings to allow for direct .svelte editing. It just has to be wrapped in a set of <html> and <body> tags.

Ok thank you.