Add to CSS Variables

Hello, how do I add to the new CSS Variables available in the new exclamation point UX button?:

Hi @jonroc,
The CSS variables item in the new exclamation point context menu is for accessing any variables defined in your stylesheets. So, I believe the list that you are seeing is coming from a modified Bootstrap project. To add additional items to the list you need to place any new variables onto your stylesheet with the code editor. For example:

With the code editor I added a new variable to the :root element. Now it is available to select in the context menu.
Hope this helps,

Quick question: what is this exlemation context menu you’re talking about? And where/how do I access this feature? I googled it, couldn’t find anything

Hi, it’s in the newer version of PG in the CSS style UI on the far right of each element.

I was confused b/c I was adding SCSS variables but for the custom colors to show up you have to add CSS variables.

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