Adding Snapshots instead of Backups

Hi there Pinegrow developers,

I would like to ask if the feature that is used internally for creating pg–backups could be used to create snapshots, much like Affinity Designer does;

This is a great feature that sets states, rather than remembers every last state without a “timeline” that you can follow easily. It might be contradicting with Pinegrow Snapshots but I really would like to “swap between versions” on the fly in the editor to show some A/B-tests or improvements.

That’s the version of SnapShots I imagined, integrated with Pinegrow. A comment and review-tool in design and code, perfectly in sync in “presentation-mode”.

You are aware of: ?
What do you mean in Affinity Designer? The assets?

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Yes, I’m aware of Snapshots it’s just that I believe how snapshots work in Affinity work really well. Basically it lets you create a restore-point which remembers the state of everything, just like Snapshots.


I actually forgot all about this!
…I forgot I have it! (still setting up the new/old(2009) imac)

Just installing it now and trying to find my licence! Cheers :slight_smile: