Alert still sticks, get out of text took

  1. Alert still sticks. Anyway to get it off the page? I can move up and down the tree, but can no longer select anything on the page.

  2. Other than turning off the “I t” by clicking text tool on the top toolbar is there a way to get the selection arrow tool so I can select items.

  3. I use Command h to open selected code editor. Is there a key command to close the window? If I use Command h the entire PG interface vanishes. I can get it back easily but it worked fine in pg 6, but not in pg 6.1,

Hi @kat,
Support should have reached out to you with a potential solution to your first problem. Basically Pinegrow is encountering an error which then prevents the app from functioning correctly and prevents you from selecting items on the page.

For question number 2 - the editing menu has a checkbox and a done button at the end of it.

If you have the box checked you will exit text editing when clicking on a new item. You can also hit the ESC key.

For question 3, I don’t think there is a key combo to close the window. You said that CMD+H worked in Pinegrow 6? I gave this a quick try, but it doesn’t seem to work. Did you mean another combo?


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