All HTML5 and CSS tags supported?

I just found Pinegrow after watching a few tutorials and reading the website it seems like a good replacement for dreamweaver. I am looking for tools to replace Adobe’s line of products I was using but no longer am.

Does Pinegrow support all the HTML5 tags in the preview window? Such as Article, Section, Nav etc… instead of just straight DIV tags?

Also will it or does it currently support CSS4? Yes, now there is 4… I haven’t even looked at it yet.

Is there a trial? I downloaded the program but have not yet installed it. I did not know if this was a trial or how long it lasts. I am looking to get the PRO version and I do create custom CMS websites in PHP, JS, CSS, HTML but don’t personally work with Wordpress. What exactly is the difference between the PRO and the Wordpress version and if I wanted to or needed to for a client work with Wordpress Themes can I do that in PRO without having to spend the extra $50 for wordpress version I would not really use except on rare occasions.


I think the trial lasts 5 days?

Go with Pro and next time you get a wordpress client, increase the website cost by $50 :grin:

I have Pro as I don’t work with wordpress either, hopefully I never will, but have a read here

Yes, i was going to buy the Pro version versus the other two when or if I decide this is the right software for my needs.

No input on the HTML tags? I will install the Trial later when I have more time to test it properly.

During the “summer sale” (or however it was called), I’ve had the luck to get the entire suite (WP incl.) for the price of Pro. Perhaps there’s another good chance for it soon? The WP I purchased just as luxury good - just in case of.




You will also have access and full control over your HTML, CSS, Javascript, and any related 3rd party or custom libraries you use within the those areas. You will see your edits in realtime and have access to the code across all of those aspects. In addition too having built in support of Bootstrap, Foundation, frameworks, etc. You will not be disappointed with the PRO version as a “replacement for Dreamweaver” or other, for powerful modern responsive web development.

Try the Demo when you get a chance and let us know what you think.

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