Any way to customize core blocks and change teh theme.json easily in pinegrow

I find PG’s custom block capabilities pretty awesome, but sometimes I’d like to use the core blocks built into WordPress. But to customize those i find it difficult to go through the theme.json file. Is tehre any way to easily adjust teh theme.json file to customize core blocks in an FSE theme?

I will be using Pinegrow WP plugin to have students make themes out of Webflow designs in my class here at Syracuse University, and am looking for simpler ways to do things without going deep into code.

If there is not currently it would be great if you thought about adding a capability.

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I have to agree that the theme.json way of updating WordPress is not ideal. Right now, there is no PG way to update theme.json, but a UI of some sort may be useful in the future.

In the meantime, I would argue that updating the theme.json does not require a great knowledge of code but rather the knowledge of all the optional parameters and how/where to implement them is the difficult part. Carolina Nymark has a great free course on how to create and edit the theme.json file, which has helped me a lot.


Seems like there could be a way to do it better with pinegrow

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My biggest challenge regarding theme.json is that its WordPress-specific. One of the things I’ve always loved about Pinegrow is that I can build in HTML/CSS, Tailwind, etc., outside of WordPress, and what build mostly works as intended inside WordPress unless the theme has silly heavy-handed rules.

Now, with theme.json, I not only have to worry about the CSS in my Pinegrow project, but I also have to do double-work to make sure my CSS and theme.json have the same configuration. Otherwise, when I bring a block into WordPress it’ll look completely different.

The direction WordPress and FSE is going makes it easier for average-joe designers to do everything inside the website, but it’s complicating things exponentially for people who need to create custom blocks or non-FSE themes.

All this is to say I agree that Pinegrow is going to need a solution to the theme.json situation sooner than later.