Global Styles (styles folder and extra .json files use case)

In an activated block theme exported with Pinegrow and using Bootstrap, I can’t make it work the global styles. I created a new folder - styles - and created a new .json file. This style option appears in the global editor, but it don’t change the corresponding colors of the blocks.
Does it not work?

Just in case, have you had a chance to review our documentation about the theme.json feature?

Hi. Thank you for your reply.
I did review that doc. and everything seems to work ok, it exports a theme.json and also the custom_theme.json seems to work.
But I want to add global style variations to the block theme, creating a styles folder and then create several variations of theme.json settings.
But I can’t make it work with the Pinefrow exported theme.
Any ideas?

Guys, this is an important feature for whom like me is trying to use Pinegrow along with FSE Themes.
Is there a solution for this?

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@Jorge To be honest, I have never personally experienced what you’re trying to implement, and indeed (unless I’m mistaken or overlooking something) Pinegrow doesn’t currently offer automation for this particular use case. Our current implementation of theme.json through the use of the design panel is a first step that, while suitable for standard cases, may be insufficient for more complex scenarios.

In the immediate term, in situations like this, it is highly likely that manual management of the entire process will be necessary, including handling the theme.JSON file.

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