Block options hex code not available?

Hi @jefferis. I’m still none the wiser as to where you are meeting this problem.

I’m trying to recreate the same situation so I can help but I’m not having this problem. Here’s how it works for me. I open Pinegrow and click New Page then choose Bootstrap Blocks:

**Then I've picked (at random) Promo 2 block and added it to the page:**

**After that I select the block in the tree (personally find it easier to select it this way) and then click on the contextual menu and select Show CSS Rules.**

**Which displays a list of relevant css rules including bg-deepocean rule which I can click on to edit (be sure to select choose):**

Result: Background color successfully changed. Maybe I’ve missed something in how you are doing it but if you could provide more info I’ll have a look at it again.


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select the block and go to PROPERTIES and then background color. You get a drop down menu and you cannot add anything there by hand.

@jefferis Ah okay. I’ve just had a look at how you are trying to do it. My understanding of it is that they (Properties > Background color) are predefined styles within Bootstrap Blocks and if you want a color outside of the predefined set then you would have to do it the way I mentioned above but with one slight change. I believe it would be considered best practice, to prevent your new styles being overwritten should there be an update to the Bootstrap Blocks css, to add any new styles to the custom.css file. Hope this helps.

I’ve just gone back through this thread and re-read your reply to me re: context and I understand what you meant now. Sorry my bad for not getting this earlier!


Ah, so if a change were made there… it would be or could be overwritten by an boostrap update? That makes sense.

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Not by bootstrap, but the blocks css when Pinegrow software is updated.

The block options are added by the Pinegrow team, so thats why I mentioned to create your own stylesheet and add your own classes, which is a good habit to get into and it was mentioned in the video from @matjaz

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There is the video posted again

Just incase anyone wants to spend 5 minutes of their life learning how to use Pinegrow.


Well! excellent explanations there @Rob and @Jack_Clarity and goon on ya for being persistent @jefferis! :smiley:
I did wonder why the predefined colours too, but new how to change them, but I now know WHY there are predefined colours! so it BS BLocks that define dictates and uses them. excellent. THanks

And yep, it really is the PG 3.0 CSS editor that I want to see! I’m really looking forward to the sneak peek preview to that as that really was the bit that threw me curve ball, after curve ball. Im quite excited about that and looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:

Well done @team :slight_smile:

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