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Bootstrap blocks placeholder images/icons not viewable

Hi guys

For some reason in the past 2 weeks none of the placeholders or even social icons appear while using Pinegrow. I have updated to the latest version just now, and this is still an issue.

I have also notice that no /image folder is created once I start a new project and I reckon that this is due to the same issue I’m experiencing.

Please help, this is an urgent issue!

Kind regards

Hello Hanro,

Can you please post a screenshot of your issue so we can (try to) analyze what is wrong?


I am using PineGrow 2.951 – the latest.

  1. Open a new project
  2. Add one new file
  3. Choose Bootstrap Blocks
  4. Choose Lib-> Headers -> Header 3
  5. (The preview looks okay)
  6. When you drag drop onto index.html you don’t see the background image !!

Even after saving the project, there is no images folder in the project.