Bootstrap too large for Google Lighthouse

I like coding in Bootstrap, but it seems it is too heavy for Google Lighthouse. Will there be better performance from Bootstrap MDB or MaterializeCSS?

i’m not a bootstrap user, but i understand there are ways to eliminate unused bootstrap code from your build in PG and minimize your site’s footprint. There are bootstrap specific subcategories on this forum… you could try asking in there.

Hi @jumper,
I agree with @droidgoo - it is a really good idea with any framework to run your CSS and JS through a processor to get rid of unused code. It is surprising how much you can trim Bootstrap down. Using the SASS or LESS version can also give you a lot of control as to what modules you decide to import. There are online tools to help you with customizing your Bootstrap. Bootstrap MDB is still going to be using Bootstrap, so without some processing you will be facing the same hurdle with page speed. Not sure about the weight of MaterializeCSS.