Bootstrap 5 or Tailwind for style customizability and speed?

Hey everyone :wave:

I’ve been observing Pinegrow for a couple of months now and decided to give it a try.
I’m a product designer and my work mainly consists of designing interfaces and the occasional landing page on Oxygen for WP.

I’m going to use Pinegrow to build the interfaces for a web app, and I was wondering if I could get your opinions on which framework would be best for my case. I’m looking mainly for two things - full control over styles, and speed.

  • I’ve read a bit that Bootstrap’s styles are hard to undo - is that still the case with Bootstrap 5?

  • Also, is Tailwind really that much faster than the rest of the frameworks (and if so, do I need to manually remove unused styles)?

I would appreciate any input since I’m just starting out.

Thanks for checking my post and sorry if the questions sound stupid.

Hi @justux,
Both Bootstrap and Tailwind are a little opinionated. Is there any reason to incorporate a framework? Depending on how complicated your layouts are it might be easier to just create your own styles from scratch.

However, both Bootstrap and Tailwind can be put through a post-design CSS processor to remove unused styles. Both should be pretty quick.


Hi Bob,

Thank you for your quick reply.
The layouts are not that complicated but I don’t have much experience with structuring my classes (should I go for utility class structure or not?) or dealing with interactive elements such as drop-downs.

My thinking was that I could use a framework, customize some of the ready-made elements, and remove all unused classes. I’ve just read a tutorial here and I’m going to try it today: The complete guide to customizing a Tailwind CSS theme

I also tried the browser-sync feature and it works great on desktop, however, when I access my external link, only the HTML loads without any style. I’m guessing it’s because Tailwind hasn’t be compiled?

So many questions, so little knowledge :smiley: