Bubble universe - the liberation of palettes

If someone has a single monitor, is working on a laptop or whatever, having everything in a UI to fit inside a single window where one interface element covers another - this kind of thing unavoidable. As for myself, I’m also running a bunch of creative apps and have a dual monitor system to accommodate all the palettes (Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, etc.): all palettes are instantly available on my right monitor, which is a huge boon for productivity. Speaking from experience, when Apple did the reverse with Final Cut and Motion, pulling all the tools into a single window, the hit in productivity was truly dramatic – so huge that we had to change to PP and AE in order to hit the deadlines.

Please provide the option to pull key interface elements (such as the code editor, etc.) out of the main window so that I can make use of all the vacant real estate. I know that there are Adobe patent issues with dockable palettes but for me docking is not a priority. I just need to be able to work without having to constantly drag things around the screen in order to see everything.

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In the meantime you can download ATOM and use that as a separate window / workflow for coding.

:nerd: Oops.

Thanks to the Pinegrow in-App how-to pop ups, I just (actually read) this:

New in Pinegrow: Open code editor in external window! (Especially useful if you have multiple screens)

Note to self: Stop dismissing the Pinegrow information Popups without reading them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thumbsup: