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I would like to see the possibility in Pinegrow for example in a Bootstrap project to be able to update all dependencies from Github. This implicates a “src folder” and a “dist folder” the “dist folder” containing a “vendor folder” with all updated dependencies. The “src folder” using a node.js file etc. for the updates that are saved in the “vendor folder”.

This “build system” would make Pinegrow a really professional editor for websites, because this is how websites are made and maintained now a days. And yes I do this in Sublime Text with Terminus and npm, at the moment, but it’s easier to have it all in one application. The build system has to work with SASS, pug files or normal HTML and SASS as well of course!

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I have been hand coding sites since I bought HTML for Dummies in 1995, learning new techniques as and when the technology required. You comment “because this is how websites are made and maintained nowadays” really stuck in my throat
I had a client with a WordPress based website and was complaining how slow it was. I re-engineered the site to look and feel the same using my 20+ years of experience. Clean code, no unnecessary scripts and what do you think? - each page loads in less than a second and its rankings soared.
Pinegrow writes clean code too and if it has any shortcomings its cleaning up the code (mainly the bundled CSS and JS files) once a website is complete.
Most of the websites I see these days are over bloated but I guess that’s because this is how websites are made and maintained nowadays.

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Nice you read your story of life, but what is your point!?

Any framework like Bootstrap (that I was talking about in my post) uses a “build system” if you have never heard of it fine, don’t want to use it “be my guest!”. You probably don’t know what SASS is too, but it is available in Pinegrow as we speak and saves hours of CSS coding. Nobody is saying you have to use it. But your comment makes no sense at all! It’s only negative skeptical input that leads to nowhere!

A build system is there to speed things up. All dependencies (scripts en css files from plugins etc) in your websites can be updated, minified, optimized with literally a mouse click.

So keep on coding like you do! I’m in web design for 22 years as well, but developed my skills during the years.



I would prefer that this is put into the VS-code plugin so the interface stays clean. There is already a live-server and Sass-compiler running in the background, plus you don’t want to use Pinegrow for that; it’s a visual editor, not a text editor which is most of that work. I get it, you want a “perfect build rig” but that’s so dependant on how people percieve that because everyone’s code is maintained a bit differently depending. So depending on what you see as a build system, I see as merely a code editor update with some workflow improvements such as GIT.

I’m also not a fan of too much frameworking as it bloats your code as soon as you touch it, only to realize that once you start “customizing it” you get even more bloated classes than you initially had. It would be great however if somehow the editor would get a “code editor pane” in which you could click and run the scripts in your code-editor, but again that’s just hooking up text with text by adding an interface; three times the work

You can use the Bootstrap build system in any editor with NPM and VS code is no exception!
There is no bloat in a framework when you understand how to use it! With a build system you can decide what to use and what not. You can even take the unused CSS and JavaScript code out of your design. Like with the Pinegrow plugin from Bob Purify Plugin for Pinegrow Updated. So a well designed website with for example Bootstrap can be super clean and fast.
Purge plugin for PG available! Fixed, I think!

How about just using a normal NPM (or similar) based build system alongside PG?

As you can read in my post I work with Sublime text and Terminus (terminal node and NPM). For the same reason SASS is implemented in Pinegrow if you want in a Bootstrap 4 project you could add a Vendor folder with your dependencies to Pinegrow (if you want) that are connected to Github and update everything when you want. At the moment I don’t use the SASS in Pinegrow, because it is part of my build system. Can you explain to me why is SASS implemented in Pinegrow and Github not?
Now I have to manually update dependencies (a lot of work! and wait for Bootstrap updates by Pinegrow developers or put them in my self) when I only work with Pinegrow and NPM is not for everybody! So a simple build system would be a nice addition to Pinegrow. (only to use for people who want, like SASS at the moment in Pinegrow.