Html Website to WP Theme

is it possible to build from a html-Website (open in pinegrow) with pinegrow quick a WP Theme?
Thanks for your info.

@mac if I understand you correctly then the answer is yes.

Hi Rob,
okay, after that I only must save the page in
Or which way I must do it?
Do you know a tutorial/video with more instructions?

@mac have you looked at any of these tutorials yet?

Hi Rob,
…Check-out our new in-depth video course about creating WordPress themes with Pinegrow.
this video was not shown - and to try pinegrow I have for now a text-version and with it I can not save the files.


Have you looked at this walkthrough

You save your HTML files in to a folder but your Wordpress theme files get exported to the Wordpress theme folder in your Wordpress installation. So your HTML files are you work files and are used to create (export) your Wordpress theme. Hope that makes sense!