Can I use PG Plugins with Pinegrow Theme Converter?


can I use Pinegrow Plugins with the Pinegrow Theme Converter? I am using the Theme converter and am seeing the option under ‘File’ > ‘Manage Libraries & plugins’ to upload and activate PG Plugins. But once I activate a plugin I can’t see those extra options in the dashboard. Or at least I don’t know how to access them.

Example: I need to add a Lightbox function to my images and found a PG Lightroom Plugin and installed it, but can’t see the Lightroom Action once I activated it

Not you can’t.
Theme Converter is not an editor per se. If you need to add features to your templates, you will have to use Pinegrow (or any other web editor).

@Emmanuel thanks for the answer. And I suppose it’s normal that the Lightbox Element from Webflow does not longer work once I converted the page with Pinegrow?

A bit bummed that quite a few of Webflow image elements can’t be correctly used with PG Theme Converter

As long as the elements are available in the HTML document exported by webflow, you should be able to handle the situation with Pinegrow Theme Converter using a wordpress feature or another. (I mean, you have to select the right smart action (or set of smart actions) depending on the situation/need.)

I can’t tell with your particular case, but maybe your could follow our WordPress support guidelines and contact us after your reach the step 3?

@Emmanuel thanks for the resource! I wonder if some of the javascript is not correctly loading when converting the Webflow page with Pinegrow, since the Webflow Lightbox Element is using JS. I will read through the support guidelines and see if it helps though

Just as a note: the html from the Webflow Lightbox Element is loading and showing, it’s just the Lightbox functionality that stops working when I convert the site with Pinegrow

Maybe you can have a look at our troubleshooting section?
We have some bits about possible issues with Webflow.
It’s here:

@Emmanuel thanks, will read through it tonight and come back here if I can’t fix it myself. Thanks again!