Can't Drag and Drop, can't get rid of "Hold ALT..." Popup

Hi there, urgent! Pinegrow isn’t working as it used to: I can’t move objects any more and there is a popup (screenshot) Saying “Hold ALT) to clone.
Hold over text to insert into text.” that can’t be removed.

@fraugustin sorry for the late reply. Looks like an error happened during the drag & drop operation. Restarting Pinegrow should clear that up.

But it would be helpful to see what is going on, especially if this happens regularly. Next time, please right-click on the Pinegrow logo in top left corner, select Inspect and then go to Console in Dev tools. There should be some red error notices there. Take a screenshot of that. Thanks!

Hi @matjaz , thanks for your reply. No, restarting Pinegrow doesn’t help. I even tried downloading Pinegrow again – sometimes the Bug disappeares for some time, but it keeps returning. Here’s the screenshot:

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

@fraugustin thanks! Can you try restoring one of the built-in workspaces with Window → Workspace? Does that help?