Can't read GetRootNode error

Hi. This one just came out of nowhere…

I clicked on the Bootstrap4.4 Overflow pulldown in the Display section of the attributes panel (Auto/Hidden), and got a ‘Can’t change attribute… Can’t read property GetRootNode of Undefined’ error message.

I can’t seem to put the field back to blank (will only show Auto or Hidden, and both result in the error message). Undo’ing doesn’t restore it, either.

Pinegrow Standard 5.941

Is the problem reproducible even after quitting and restarting Pinegrow?

Note: I just tested a few seconds ago from 5.941 to 5.96 and did not encounter this problem with a fresh PG startup and a basic project.

Hi, Emmanuel. I suspect it may have just been Pinegrow having a bad day. I’ll be working with Pinegrow today, so I’ll be sure to test it out and see what I find on that.

It was actually doing a second really weird thing yesterday… I would select an item, and it’s properties would appear in the usual properties panel. I’d then alter (in this case) one of the Position values, and it would end up suddenly jumping the selection of code from the intended one to an element a few lines above it in the code window (…Might specifically be a parent item that the intended item is nested in… if there’s any pattern/logic to it).

It would then add a positional attribute to that (wrong) item, and further edit it if I continued to edit the value in the properties page. I tried it several times, and each time I’d select the intended item and adjust the properties (in the properties panel), the selection highlight in the code editor would jump to that same item several lines up from the intended one. Every time, regardless of what I’d try.

The only way I was able to have the positional property in the intended item’s tag was to just let it edit the wrong one, and then cut and paste the positional property into the intended item/tag.

Again, probably Pinegrow having a (really) bad day. I’ll see where it is at today. Probably not an actual flaw in the software, but I figured I’d mention it… as maybe there IS something in the program code that allows for this to happen under certain circumstances. Figured you would want to know, either way.

BTW, I’m still having the issue I mentioned in a previous post, where the ‘grabbing hand’ mouse pointer that appears when you hover over (or drag) items from the Library (leftmost) panel has a black square around (behind) it… as if the alpha on the mouse pointer graphic element is flawed (opaque). That issue is present all the time, although I can’t say if it has always been so (in previous versions). I suspect it showed up in one of the (fairly) recent updates.

All other mouse pointer graphics are fine. I tried changing the ‘pointer theme’ in Windows, but that made no improvement. I’ll try and send a screen shot. Really odd… as the regular pointer (and the windows (outside of Pinegrow) pointer is fine… so it’s not some global alpha thing.

I’ll do some tests and try and send you some more info on all these issues.

Win7 Pro 32gigs RAM, latest version of Pinegrow Standard

Thanks for the feedback.
One sure thing in all of this, is that we don’t validate Pinegrow with Win7 since a long time so unpleasant surprises are always possible without us knowing it or being able to do much about it unfortunately.

Hi. I did some more tinkering. Here’s what I found.

The issue I had when adjusting a selected item’s attributes (and it selects another item and adjusts it instead) isn’t happening currently, so Pinegrow may have just had a bad day, as I figured.

The hand pointer thing does happen, always. All other pointers are fine. I couldn’t screen grab it, since the mouse pointer isn’t captured with a standard screen grab. I suppose I could use some other screen recording software… but, I suspect there isn’t much that can (or would) be done. But, I may still try to get an image of it.

Lastly, the issue with the error message… That actually still happens, and even occurs on blank/new projects. Simply go into the Element Properties Tab (first tab), down to the Display (Boostrap4.4) section, and click on the pulldown menu for Overflow (which starts off as empty). Seleting either option (Auto or hidden) triggers the error (for me at least), and you can never make it blank again (and this even stays if you close the project (keeping Pinegrow open), and start another project. It’s there until Pinegrow is closed and reopened.

Ya, completely understand the Win7 non-support thing. Inevitable. I just really hate (and am against) Win10, for several reasons. Once I’m forced to buy a new system, I’ll surely be on Win10, so that (and other ‘Win10 required’ issues) at least be resolved.

Additional note… Even though the Overflow menu consistently causes an error (and the field can never be returned to blank, other than via rebooting Pinegrow), manually adding the same property value (ex. via the code editor) does not result in any errors, explosions or other undesireables. So, it’s just the pulldown menu itself, it seems.