Change Pinegrow UI without changing page zoom?

Love the utility of 75% workspace zoom, but obviously the page zooming with the UI makes it inappropriate. Any ideas?

you could zoom the page view to 133%…not ideal, i realize.

honestly, i don’t pay that much attention to the zoom factor on the page view as i don’t expect it to be accurate across all displays/browsers.

if i really want to see how it will look on a given browser, i just use that browser… i think they all support some kind of responsive mobile view under the developer settings.

CTRL+SHIFT+M on firefox

i won’t be checking my webpage out in wedge tho… holy cow

@snowfeald - I think what @droidgoo proposed is the best solution, if I understand your problem correctly. You use the magnifying glass over to the right side of the screen to set the workspace to 75%, but then feel that the page view is too small? It still maintains the same pixel proportions, even at the smaller size.