Checking for errors on a project basis?

I’m new to PInegrow, so this might be more of a tutorial question?

I find the “check for broken links” very convenient but i need to check lots of html files within a project.
Is there a way to check at a project level, avoiding the page by page repetition?
Also the "check for HTML errors at a project level would be very appreciated.

Thanks for answering!


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@pablonolla doing the project check is not available at the moment. For this, it could make sense to use any external app/tool that can check for HTML errors. Pinegrow projects are just files and folders, so it is easy to use external tools alongside Pinegrow.

I can’t recommend any such tool from my first hand experience, perhaps @Emmanuel or somebody else can?

While I don’t have any immediate recommendations to offer, I’ll be sure to conduct research and get back to you with any relevant information.

And to initiate the topic, an interesting post: How to Find and Fix Broken Links (5 Methods)