Code editor fails

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.

Why do these spontaneous changes happen in the code editor? Look at attached images. The code gets messed up, suddenly it gets sorted, and it gets messed up again and again. It happens to me with version 7 and it also happened to me with version 6

Do you by any chance have VSCode open (with format on save enabled) as well and alternate between saving in one or the other?

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I have VSCode. I work with Nova (code editor for Mac).

Does your answer mean that the Pinegrow editor should be avoided?

If I edit the html in VSCOde or in Nova, Pinegrow messes it up again.

Oh no I wouldn’t say that, But I have seen some odd behaviour in the Pinegrow editor and the only thing that I’ve been able to pin it down to is that I’ve had VSCode open at the same time and been doing most of my editing in that.

For the simple reason that I cannot pinpoint the exact cause and nor can I provide a reliable series of steps to replicate the issue I have strayed from calling it a bug.

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Thanks for your support. Best.

In order to try to find the origin of this malfunction, can you please show us your settings in Pinegrow?

The “Problem”?:

Well, how about trying to disable this feature just to see?