Code Formating - Review

Pinegrow works very well, but the auto code formatting in the Code Editor keeps combining bunches of my code into one long line, i.e. it seems to work strangely. I had to turn the auto formatting off, to keep my code formatted reasonably.

I suggest you look at the MS Visual Studio. It’s auto code formatting works very well. It has options for formatting the highlighted code, or all the code.

Sorry this is lacking more specifics, but I don’t have time to mess around more with Pinegrow’s auto formatter. (However, any suggestions on adjusting the behaviour of Pinegrow’s auto code formatter are welcome, especially if I’m missing something.)

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Pinegrow’s code formatting is a disaster imo. Would really like that to be sorted out. Having it work as expected would be much nicer than leaving it off.


I agree completely. It would be nice if it worked.

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