Collapse Option

Is there an option to collapse the tree on the “Blocks” element side (left) as there is on the code side? If not could you add it as a feature in the future. It would be very helpful. I couldn’t seem to find a way to do it and it’s really a pain when you open up a page and all of the elements are “open” and you have to scroll through.

Also I ran into an issue on both the MAC and the PC where PG3 seems to freeze up in 3.04. On the Mac I had gone to load a plugin and brought up the dialog to specify the location and it froze. The dialog sat on the screen but the main menu still worked. I chose exit and after a few minutes it shut down. Nothing else running on the mac at the time. My system has 16G and an SSD drive so there are never really any lag issues.

On windows I opened up PG3 and loaded a bootstrap blocks new page. Went to scroll through the components *hence the top paragraph, and it froze for a few seconds. Since this is still sort of a testing phase, is there a way to capture log files of the system/PG3 (sort of a debug) that will help in tracking down the source of the problems.

love the software, thank you for all the hard work.



hi there @vrooney,
Well, for collapsing the tree you could try following from here

and click ALT + Click on a tab in tree view. but, it only collapses all the elements at THAT level. it can be a bit confusing. its easier to see in a navigation menu etc where you have multiple Nav items etc. they will all collapse.
It doesn’t collapse the whole tree as… where would you end? Containers? :slight_smile:

and as for log files etc.
Just click FIle/Development tools in PG menu, then when the window pops up, select the Console Tab at the top and - look for stuff Highlighted in RED
there ya go, have fun, keep up the good work

Thanks buddy. The Alt-Click is pretty useless as it is the same as clicking the arrow next to the tab to close a section. It would be nice if there was an expand/collapse all “+/-” which is typical of tree usage.

As far as the development tools. That is for the current active project scripts like mozilla tools. I was looking for a program debug to capture the state of PG3 and the OS sort of like what apple does when it creates a crash log so you can see what is affecting the process tree in the background. It may be something that is conflicting with PG3 on the OS. Example, I run Little Snitch and it may lock a process but I can’t see it only the result without a log file.

Sort of sandboxing PG3 in a debug mode.



I was hoping for a Collapse All feature as well… The ALT Click thing is great for closing all elements in the tree of a certain level, but it would be also great to have a ‘Collapse everything down’ button and/or keystroke, so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the top of the tree to ALT-Click the outermost (leftmost) level of the tree.

It would be really nice if there was a way to collapse all the children elements of a level. Especially when you use a lot of SVGs. They make a mess of the tree.