Non drag drop neutral area and tree auto closing


I would like to know if these 2 features are in Pinegrow 3 please as I cannot find them:

1)Let’s say I want to drag a field a bootstrap 3 field on the page but change my mind at the last minute. How can I drag it in a neutral area so it does not show up in the tree? At the moment whatever I select goes into the tree even if I change my mind at the last minute.

2)Is there a button to “auto close” all the tree branches so you can have a look at all the different areas quickly rather than closing every individual branches one by one.

Thank you!

Hi there @Bennyboy, if you press ALT while clicking the COLLAPSE caret to the right of the element you wish to collapse, it will ALSO collapse all elements of the SAME Type of the SAME Element.

i.e, If you collapse a List of items, but selecting the one item in the list and collapsing it, the others, at the same level will also collapse.

Otherwise EVERYTHING would collapse and you would just see a Container. ie, how can one stipulate how far back to collapse things?
do you collapse the list items, or do you collapse the div that the list is nested in, or the containers that are of the same level.

I think this is the way that it is meant to be used
good luck. if I’m wrong, correct me :slight_smile: