Prevent tree panel to explode when dragging a new element

Is there a way to prevent PG from doing this? To me is really annoying trying to have a compact view of the tree panel structure while working on a specific section just to see it explode and collapse everything as I drag in a new element. I am on a 23 inch monitor and i have room for this tree as it collapses but maybe trying to work on a more compact and slim ux won’t harm anyone.
I have noticed that the tree collapses even when just assigning a class to an element on the tree. Right click–>class–>assign a new class–>> boom!! annoying and irritating.
As everything is collapsed I find myself working against the bottom edge of the screen if i am working on the last element…

Not Ideal. Not cool.
I end up going with the code editor. Don’t feel like working in a corner.

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Anyone else experienced this?

This issue has been resolved in with the last update 5.8!

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Update. :frowning: just working ok with the focus on mode.