Combined Undo History in today's v5.97 update

Before I update, I would like to know one thing about the new Combined Undo History.
Say I make a change in a Less file. Save and test. Then make a change in a HTML file. Save and test. Then I decide to undo the change in the Less file. Will this first undo the change that I made to the HTML file?

@Robert yes, your understanding is correct.

The problem with split histories is that in Pinegrow (as opposed to a normal code editor) certain operations change multiple pages and/or stylesheets. For example, creating a CSS rule with a class selector can also add the class to selected element(s). Undoing in one history, but not in others, would place the project in an inconsistent state that didn’t exist in the past. In addition, some operations also change the project-level database that was introduced with this release for Class Styles (and we have plans to use it for other things as well).

Undo system is one of the hardest thing to implement correctly. And having split histories complicates it even further, making it more difficult to fix bugs and improve it.

Thanks for explaining the decision in more detail. I guess that I now have to think carefully before undoing.
Is the undo logic also why we can’t open a second window, or instance of the Pinegrow editor?

Thanks for the understanding.

The window problem is connected with the upgrade to the latest NWJS engine.

Thanks again. All clear now.