Pinegrow Settings → Use Emmet in code editor. Some hotkeys don't works

These hotkeys are not working:
Cmd-L: Select line
Cmd-Shift-M: Merge Lines
Cmd-B: Reflect CSS Value (interfere with Pinegrow)

How to fix it?

How to redefine Pinegrow’s hotkeys?

We are going to have a look at your feedback.

Tip: In the mean time, what about using Emmett from Atom code editor?

I don’t want to use Atom. It is too slow. Now I learn vim.

You can use your favorite editor as long as Auto-reload files is activated in your settings HTML and .CSS/.LESS files will be auto-reloaded if modified in external editors.

Convenient isn’t it? :evergreen_tree:

I know that can use any external editor with Pinegrow. But this ability does not justify the non-working Emmett keys.

Not sure why some shortcuts are blocked, like CMD+L. PG doesn’t use that key combination. Will investigate further.

PG would need a sort of keyboard shortcut mapping settings. Probably somewhere in 3.x.


How about emmet hotkeys under windows?