CSS Grid place-items option whereabouts

Hi PG troops!
Firstly, what an awesome system that Matjaz and team have created. I couldn’t do without it now. As others have found it’s indeed taken a while to get my head around most of it but the output is coming. Start small and work your way up, is the answer.
I just had a quick question about a recent CSS Grid attribute, called “place-items”, that I’m trying to find in PG? Does it currently exist in there somewhere? I’ve gone through the Grid options but couldn’t see it. I tried adding it in to the CSS code and it works well.
I think there are a few other new/recent CSS Grid attributes that come in handy that I saw somewhere?
Thanks all :slight_smile:

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Long story short, it’s not implemented yet. You’re better off writing it yourself. You can do this by hovering between styles to reveal an orange “+” symbol and clicking it or writing it directly in the CSS file.


In future you’re likely to find this in Flexbox section or Grid section.

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Hi fakesamgregory,
Thank you for your reply. It clears it up anyway (instead of being there but I hadn’t found it yet!). I’ve just read elsewhere that place-items is a combination, or shorthand, of align-items + justify-items, both of which ARE of course there.
e.g. place-items : end / center ; (equivalent to align-items:end; justify-items:center;)
Learning CSS is a constant!! Looking forward to the future of PG…
Thanks all!