Design Panel: ghosting theme.css file

Hi PG-team,

Thanks for the 6.2 update it’s great! I really like the notion of the design tool beign more integrated as a visual design tool. I found something that was funky thought; the produced theme.css file is actually not the css file that is loaded; it’s a ghost

Steps to reproduce;

  1. Open PG, create a test-page with some mark-up, and apply some custom styling
  2. Open the Design Panel, activate it and make or generate a theme, and apply that to override styling
  3. Go to the bottom of the design panel and “deactivate design panel” from the dropdown
  4. Go to your CSS folder and delete “theme.css” file, reload your page and see no change
  5. Go to HTML file and comment out the href that points to the deleted theme.css file
  6. See your overriding styles fall back to your custom styling

I included to screenshots showing the result of step 5 and 6, in which you can see that the H2 element below the hero changed from Major Mono font, to the default font when the reference was commented out. This shows that the file is not there, yet there.

I could be wrong ofcourse, but I believe these steps will show you if that’s true too.

Hi @BonoBoos,
I’m working (extra)-remotely right now, but I’ll look into this and get back to you in the next few days.

Any sound person keeps their distance these days :slight_smile:

Actually - it is almost the opposite. I’m at a dog show, which means I’m around a ton of people who travelled from all over the States and Canada to come here. Sometimes I’m not that bright.
Just got back this afternoon, so I’ll start looking into the problem.

STILL… at the dog show?
or is this another one… it must be months long if its still that first one you mentioned!

Different one - this one is in MA. Last one was MD (I think).

Hi @BonoBoos,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
In looking over your steps, I don’t see any reloads, etc… I think that I understand what is going on. Basically, Pinegrow has a caching system just like any browser. So, when you delete the theme.css file, it is “loading” that file using the cached version. If you leave the file link in your code and either reload Pinegrow and the project, or click the refresh button in the topbar you will see the rules coming from the theme.css file disappear. Usually in Pinegrow, when you make big changes, it isn’t a bad idea to refresh.
Let me know if this solves the “ghosting” problem,

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I was wondering this too, or if the Save all/update project options would solve it,
Still, Im enjoying the observation/exploration process :slight_smile:

It makes the theme.css file appear again, so it would transport it back into the folder as needed. It would be sound to see if it is also detected with “fix broken links” so it can see itself if it was missing tbw.

I really like that about Pinegrow, to test front-end as a designer, so I hope it will feel more rigid and native in the future as the design panel for HTML updates.