Design Panel Woes

Hey guys… just a on-my-own designer here. About a year in PG- and really like it. Having a bit of an issue after upgrading to 6

Like the idea of the Design Panel, BUT…

I clicked the Design Panel, and now, without asking it to, a random custom theme was generated and applied to all my master page templates.

  • I deleted the “bootstrap theme” folder (thanks for making the custom theme easy to find), but on re-launch it generated it again!!
  • I removed the project folder and re-imported.
  • I cleared cache.
  • I updated the templates to remove the “custom theme”, and refreshed - but EVERY PAGE still looks for the deleted theme.

I feel like PG is wanting to reappy the style sheet. When I open a page file in ATOM, there is no link to the “bootstrap theme” folder

There needs to be a way to APPLY theme when ready, and a way to TOTALLY remove custom theme and return to defaults.
What am I missing… Is this just me? Any input is appreciated.

Hi there @SteveH , dont worry , someone will get back to you on this, Im sure.

I’ve not played with the feature yet and most of the Devs are on European Time atm,
But @RobM is Stateside, so he is -5 hours, so 7pm, so you MAY catch him.
its midnight for the other devs (Well, one maybe way down south, I’m not sure)

so just acknowledging your distress flare as things like this can freak you out late at night.

oh yes, especially if it was deploying tomorrow :slight_smile:
and someone else (non dev) might pop in with some helpful advice.
I dont have any BUT just saying not to worry, it’ll be ok

Hi @SteveH,
Sorry to hear of your problems. The design panel shouldn’t make any changes to your design automatically without hitting the Surprise me! button. Very strange behavior, but let’s see if we can fix it.

The main culprit preventing your pages from reverting, I suspect, is the stylesheets manager. If you open your Master page and then go to the “File” menu there will be an option “Manage stylesheets…” Selecting this will bring up a modal. Within that modal there will be a list of associated stylesheets.

My guess is that the Bootstrap.min.css is no longer attached and even though you have deleted it, the new Design Panel bootstrap.css is still “attached”.

The other thing to check is for a file named, “projectdb.pgml” in your project. Delete this file. Both this file and the “bootstrap_theme” folder should be deleted from your file manager, not within Pinegrow. Depending on timing, Pinegrow views their deletion as a Project error and will regenerate them.

Please let me know if this solves your problem. I’m not sure of your page structure and whether you will have to change the stylesheets on multiple pages or not.


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Thanks schpengle,
Your input here on the forums is always welcome. And look … RobM did give me some suggestions, sereval which I did last night…

  • just as an FYI - I just pulled back the whole site from backups, and opened it in PG 5.9 and all is as it should be.
    I’ll keep things updated here as I progress in case it helps anyone else.

In case you’re interested, the live site is here:

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Thanks RobM,
Really do appreciate your fast reply. I will absolutly get back with a bit more detail soon, but like a mentioned to schpengle,- I just pulled back the whole site from backups, and opened it in PG 5.9 and all is as it should be.
It’s a live site for my work, so I can’t afford to screw it up!!

I did delete the “projectdb.pgml” & “bootstrap_theme” and will see what PG6 does on relaunch. Thanks for the insight.

I’ll keep things updated here as I progress in case it helps anyone else.

In case you’re interested, the live site is here:

Advice from an old hand: When the project is serious, when it is important, the use of a revision control system seems to me unavoidable.

Whether it’s GIT, SVN etc, there are many solutions, and they are free, there is no reason to do without it.

and this, not only with Pinegrow, but whatever the application used for the development.

Emmanuel, I so appreciate your comment! You are such a good resource on this boards…

As a designer in a one-person department, I’m still self-teaching the coding end (no real excuse) and every time I go on GItHub my brain just clouds over… even that Wikipedia article is a bit overwhelming.

You are correct, I certainly should have a better system than a Time Machine backup. I am looking at GITs page now. If you have any suggestions for a system/app that even a non-IT person like me can use on a Mac, that would be a big help.

I understand perfectly, but once the basics are understood, it will be as easy as clicking a button :slight_smile:

Github Desktop makes the whole process much easier.

Thank you! I will look at this as soon as I am caught up… (HA)