What if you need to change the design?

Helllo as manual show:
With Pinegrow Theme Converter you keep editing the theme in your favorite design tool.

To update the WordPress theme, just export the HTML from your tool and re-run the instant theme conversion in Pinegrow Theme Converter. No need to add Smart actions again.

But what about the PINEGROW WEB EDITOR? i bouth web editor and keep my project in my old editor, i need just to use wordpress but everytime i change in my editor, i need to put agian all smart action in pinegrow web editor .

any option to use as pinegro theme converter?

If you have the Pinegrow Pro version for WP use, I would recommend using the Theme Converter as the initial run but handle everything moving forward with PG-Pro to ensure that your project can be spun up from the template without having to set it all up again. The Theme Converter isn’t meant to be used as the long-term editor.

Hello, the problem is do my changes in another editor, but form example

if i change the homepage in my external edito, Pinegrow theme converter update the page and keep all the SMART Actions

but pinegrow webeditor lose all the smart actions and i need to put all over again